Brackish is a collaborative and interdisciplinary project formed by the artists and writers; Catalina Reyes (CL), Lila Bullen-Smith (ZA), Megan Hadfield (UK), and Toni Brell (DE). Brackish seeks to explore the history and experience of the Dutch land reclamation project through narrative dinners, food tastings and storytelling.Using the ebb and flow of water as a point of departure for artistic research, Brackish creates a multisensory frame that brings this research to life.


We are preparing a new installation and performance for Treehouse NDSM. More info following soon.


Performance and Installation – as part of the Water issue by Simulacrum Magazine at Zone2Source in Amsterdam.

For the launch of Daisyworld Magazine, to which we also contributed with writing, we made special brackish cocktails.

At Zine Camp Rotterdam we reflected on the possibility of water as a metaphor for publishing.  Both language and water consist of fragments, of repetitions and pattern formations. We invited our guests, to extend the landscape of the tablecloth with their own drawings and texts, using algae-ink provided by us. The tablecloth-as-zine became a form of impromptu-publishing.

At KunstHub Bink in Elburg we realized a quasi-performative and site-specific dinner that reimagined the city’s past through a speculative, apocryphal narrative that traversed between brine and brack, from salt to sweet. Guests came together to observe, taste, and overhear moments from a fictional exploration of the Dutch land reclamation project.